Uniform Style Guide

                                          General Apperance Guidelines To Help You Look Your Best 

Uniform Options

Los Angeles Select

100% Wool

Originally designed to meet rigorous LAPD specifications, our Los Angeles Select system is made of the highest quality 100% worsted wool and is perfect for changeable California-like climates. Some popular items include:

Top Selling LAPD Style Uniform shirts and Pants



75% Polyester/25% Wool

Our best-selling law enforcement uniform of 2012, the Justice line was designed for functional duty, built for durability and patterned for precision appearance. Some top selling items include:

Top Selling Uniform of 2012 for Law Enforcement Justice


55% Polyester/45% Wool

Our polished 55% Polyester/45% Wool group of pants and dress coats has been renamed our Legend line in honor of its long-standing popularity for meticulous craftsmanship and enduring quality. Check out the large variety of color, pocket, belt loop, shirt styles and pant styles designed to meet most uniform system needs by searching on "Legend" in the search bar above. Some examples include:  

Best uniform for polish and quality Legend Flying Cross Uniforms


Deluxe Tactical


Our hard-working Deluxe Tactical system is a grouping of Poly/Rayon/LYCRA pants and shirts designed to go the distance with LYCRA® for mobility, polyester for endurance and rayon for a professional polish. Some examples include:

Deluxe Tactical Uniform Pants and Shirts top choice of CHPS


Deluxe Tropical

65% Polyester/35% Rayon

Deluxe Tropical uniform system includes shirts and pants that hold up well to machine washing and provide a great maintenance value as they never need an iron. Some examples include:


Deluxe Tropical Uniforms top choice for warmer climates like Atlanta or Miami



100% Visa System3

Our durable 100% Visa System3 Polyester with super-fast moisture wicking, quick drying and stain repelling properties is now grouped as our Command line. Search on "command" above to see styles including these sample items:

Command Uniforms provide the best lifetime value and durability



65% Polyester/35% Cotton

Our Valor system of heavy-duty, yet super-comfortable shirts and pants feature our triple-action IntelliDRY technology to repel liquids, absorb perspiration and release stains. Some examples include: 

Valor Uniforms are the best choice for moisture wicking and comfort


Duro Poplin

65% Polyester/35% Cotton Duro Poplin

The Duro Poplin line of shirts offers the staying power of polyester and the calm, cool and collected comfort of cotton in a wide variety of colors, pocket styles and flap options for men and women. Some examples include: 

Duro Poplin Shirts provide a great value option to look professional



New Numbering

We've simplified our numbering to make it easier than ever to find the products you need. For example, we've grouped many of our color options under one base style. And in pants, men's and women's style numbers mirror each other with the addition of a "W" at the end. What can be easier than that? Check out the chart below to learn more.  

Simplified Searching

For dealers who are familiar with our numbering, we encourage you to use the search bar at the top of every page. Simply put in the first portion of the style you are looking for and products that include those numbers in the "item number" will appear. Then, simply scan to find your desired items.

Here's an example of how that looks:



Lookup Help

Can't find a style? Scan the table below to find the item you are familiar with, then look to the right to see the new website style number.