About Us


Our military serves an integral role in the keep and protection of our Nation’s freedom. We honor all of those who serve and have served so that we may enjoy the true meaning of freedom. With respect to everything they do, we extend a salute to them in thanks for their service, the service of their families and their sacrifice. Thank you.

We believe in providing the most comfortable, highest quality and performance uniforms for an array of people serving our country and communities today. Our goal is to stay ahead of the latest innovations in research, style and fabrics so that our customers experience the perfect fit, comfort and function.

In addition to our desire to serve you, we are proud to be:

  • The leading brand trusted by the U.S. Navy for dress uniforms.
  • The preferred choice of such venerable public safety agencies such as the California Highway Patrol (CHP), LAPD and Cincinnati Police.
  • The only uniform worn by world-renown transit authorities such as the MBTA and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency and the Chicago Transit Authority.

Our resources are global with manufacturing partners in Central and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia to complement our three plants in Cincinnati, Ohio, Hodgenville, Kentucky, and Grantsville, Maryland in the United States.

We can meet most any need with the largest in-stock offerings available for law enforcement, fire, EMS, military and transportation professionals and our custom programs. Our high-quality uniforms are available to you through a network of more than 500 independent stores in over 51 countries worldwide and online.


Flying Cross, a brand of Fechheimer Brothers Company, began the journey of manufacturing the world’s most trusted uniforms for public safety in 1842. Solomon “Samuel” Fechheimer, a German immigrant, opened a small dry goods store in Cincinnati, OH. Samuel combined adventure and passion, seeking out opportunities to grow his business and give back through his trade. With the beginning of the Civil War, Samuel honed his father’s legacy and craftsmanship of making clothing, to secure the United States government contract to supply uniforms for soldiers in the North and South. This feat marked the beginning of Flying Cross’ commitment to innovation by standardizing men’s uniform sizes for the first time ever in American history.

Since that time, Flying Cross has been shaping the way uniforms are made and used within the military, law enforcement, fire and other markets beyond public safety. Taking on the name of one of America’s most honored medals, the Distinguished Flying Cross, Flying Cross has translated this history of heroism and extraordinary accomplishment to the many customers it serves today. For years Flying Cross has connected generation after generation of customers who have helped to redefine key uniform attributes such as detailed quality craftsmanship, superior fit and harmony in function and comfort. Now, as the leading uniform manufacturer in public safety, Flying Cross continues its commitment of excellence with new product designs, advances in fabric technologies, customized solutions, and quite simply – time and care in the smallest of details.

Flying Cross reflects the unwavering devotion to duty expressed and experienced by many customers every day. For more than a century and a half, Flying Cross has been trusted to transform precision details of the uniform to the stories of courage and heroism, told and untold. Carrying on more than 171 years of this American heritage, Flying Cross continues to be INSPIRED BY TRADITION AND TRANSFORMED BY EXCELLENCE.