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We’ve built our reputation on making the best uniforms money can buy with attention to detail, durability and the latest innovation. Flying Cross® has always been and will remain the most trusted name in public safety uniforms. Our products incorporate many important features that help our designs stand apart


Patented technology that uses body heat to evaporate moisture comfort in clothing is greatly influenced by the temperature and humidity next to skin known as the microclimate. For the average person, the body strives to maintain an ideal core body temperature of 37.5° C. You are most comfortable when the microclimate next to your skin has a relative humidity close to 37.5%. When you are in this ideal 37.5 comfort zone, you are also in your ideal performance zone. Cocona technology helps your body manage the moisture in your microclimate to keep you in this “37.5 zone” of comfort and performance.



  • 37.5 technology works to keep the optimum relative humidity in your microclimate so your body more efficiently maintains an ideal core temperature, enabling you to perform better, longer.
  • Fabrics made with 37.5 technology dry up to five times faster than similar fabrics, diminishing wet cling.
  • 37.5 technology is made with naturally derived materials so there are no harsh chemicals to irritate your skin.
  • 37.5 active particles are permanently embedded into yarn and will never wash out or degrade.


Stretch that maximizes comfort and mobility, yet provides shape retention for a more professional appearance.
Featured products: Deluxe Tactical Shirts

Perfect Match
exact fabric weight, weave and color of the shirt and pant that gives you a more consistent look and feel.
Featured products: Deluxe Tactical Pants | Deluxe Tactical Shirts – The Perfect Match

patented permanent crease system proven to withstand 150 wash and dry cycles to maintain a sharp, professional appearance.
Featured products: Cross FX Class B Style Duty Shirt | Cross FX EMS Duty Pants

silicone based perimeter application that naturally grips fabric to keep shirts tucked in more effectively.
Featured products: Legend Pants | Command Pants

Moisture Control System (MCS™)
fabric technology that effectively absorbs and moves moisture away from the body, drying quickly.
Featured products: Deluxe Tactical Pants | Deluxe Tactical Shirts – The Perfect Match

Freedom Fit
two-way stretch waistband for added comfort around the waist.
Featured products: Deluxe Tactical Pants | Command Pants

Freedom Flex
concealed, adjustable waistband which adds up to 4” of stretch comfort around the waistline.
Featured products: Cross FX Class A Style Pants | Valor Pants

A membrane that’s 100% windproof, waterproof and breathable that performs for the life of the garment.
Featured products: LayerTech GTXA Jacket

thin, highly insulating fabric that works to keep you warmer by resisting moisture and trapping air.
Featured products: LayerTech Thisulate Zip-In Liner

VISA System 3
moisture management system that actively transports moisture away from the body keeping you dryer and cooler. V3 dries 33% faster than nanotreated fabrics.
Featured products: Command Pants | Command Style Single Breasted Dress Coat

naturally breathable fabric treatment that provides superior stain and fluid resistance, while wicking moisture and keeping you dry under pressure
Featured products: Valor Shirts

3M Scotchlite Reflective
reflective material helps make you more visible in lowlight environments and all weather conditions.
Featured products: High Vis-Reversible Jacket

ANSI Certified/Compliant
high visibility clothing standard
Featured products: High-Vis-Safety-Vest | Reversible Rain Coat


Flying Cross offers a selection of high performance fabrics to help you achieve the fit and feel you desire. Our fabrics are made to withstand day-to-day activities, while maintaining the crisp, professional look expected from our uniform apparel. We know choosing the right fabric can be a task, so we’ve grouped our fabric product lines to make selecting the attributes that are most important to you much easier.

Our LA Select line is made of 100% worsted wool

  • Extreme comfort and durability
  • Natural, breathable and no-scratch fiber
  • Inherent temperature regulation keeps the body cool when hot and warm when cold
  • Anti-microbial characteristics wick away moisture, resisting the buildup of odor

Featured products: LA Select Shirts | LA Select Pants

Our Justice line is made of 75% Polyester and 25% Wool.

  • High polyester blend provides better shaping of the garment
  • Superior color retention for professional appearance
  • No-scratch wool fibers provide climate control attributes to keep you warm when you need it and cool when its hot
  • Polywool blend offers long-lasting, durable garments that withstand multiple washes

Featured products: Justice Shirts | Justice Pants

The Deluxe Tropical uniform apparel is made of 65% Polyester and 35% Rayon.

  • Strength and durability of polyester fibers
  • Infused rayon fibers add luster for a clean, professional appearance
  • Soft, pliable feel and shape of garment resembles a silkier hand

Featured products: Deluxe Tropical Shirts

Our newest Cross Fx line is made of 65/35 Poly/Cotton ComfortTouch™, mini RipStop with repel finish.

  • Poly/Cotton blend is durable, breathable and comfortable
  • Mini Ripstop resists tearing and ripping while in motion

Cross FX Uniforms

The Duro-Poplin line is made of 65/35 Poly/Cotton.

  • Highly breathable with natural stretch
  • Lightweight

Featured products: Duro-Poplin Shirts

Our Command line is made of 100% VISA® System 3™ Polyester

  • Durable fibers that stand up to daily wear and tear
  • VISA® System 3™ provides moisture management, permanent stain release and faster drying rates
  • Fibers repel dust and debris
  • Superior color retention

Featured products: Command Pants | Command Powerstetch Shirts

The Legend line is made of 55/45 Polyester/Wool.

  • Perfect combination of premium fibers
  • Durable blend of fibers for longer- lasting garment
  • No-scratch wool fibers provide climate control attributes to keep you warm when you need it and cool when its hot
  • Polyester fibers help maintain garment’s ability to retain color for crisp appearance

Featured products: Legend Style Single Breasted Dress Coat | Legend Pants

Deluxe Tactical shirts and pants are made of 7028/2 Polyester/Rayon/LYCRA®.

  • Retains all of the attributes of the Deluxe Tropical line including durability, and fabric luster
  • Lycra® fibers add stretch to garment for enhanced comfort

Featured products: Deluxe Tactical Shirts | Deluxe Tactical Pants

The Valor line is made of 65/35 Poly/Cotton, Twill.

  • Natural Poly/Cotton fibers breathable and comfortable
  • Twill weave adds strength to garment
  • Natural Stretch
  • Easy care and maintenance

Featured products: Valor Shirts | Valor Pants